With an estimated infrastructure funding requirement of more than $20 trillion for the G20 countries until 2030, access to private capital will be a critical requirement, even though infrastructure has proven to be a highly stable and successful asset class in the past. Investors will still make decisions based on return on capital employed and over increasingly longer projected productivity life-spans for projects. With a unique and comprehensive portfolio of skills and expertise to help our clients deliver fulfilment on current and planned infrastructure projects, EEIG offers a flexible and cost-effective network of experience and expertise to help investors, contractors and operators to realise their vision.

In an age where change is the only certainty, it makes sense to have access to a flexible, outsourced ‘think-tank’ here at your disposal to challenge orthodoxy, ask ‘what if?’, and to think outside of the box.


Our specialist engineers use their knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes for clients through working on some of the world’s most well-known and impressive buildings and structures.

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Businesses and economies cannot flourish without effective and durable transportation links. Our talented and experienced group of people understand the changing nature of our world and create mobility solutions that are built to last.

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Everyone deserves a clean and safe environment in which to live. Businesses and governments now more than ever recognise the need to incorporate environmental concerns into their decision making.

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