Never before have global energy providers been under such scrutiny and accountability. With well- defined energy demand forecasts, the challenge for governments to find the best mix of technologies to meet that demand presents unprecedented opportunities for investors, contractors and operators alike.

In response to growing global energy needs, commissioning and regulatory bodies increasingly demand suppliers to scale up clean energy sources, embrace a new era of consumer participation and choice, and tackle issues of security, efficiency and resiliency in a changing world.


Several changes are happening that are rapidly changing the e-mobility environment. From movements in the market to legislation at the national and European levels, several opportunities are making themselves present. We at EEIG are leading the way to these trends.

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Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

From wind to solar, EEIG understands the importance of RES to the energy mix.

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Oil & Gas

One of the biggest challenges oil & gas producers face is making sure their supply chains do not face interruptions or tampering. EEIG offers solutions to assist downstream suppliers in asset marking and tracking.

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Nuclear Power

We work with utilities and supply-side organisations to deliver safe, efficient and emissions-free nuclear power.

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