Through our network of industry leading partners and developers, we deliver dynamic business solutions that streamline complex business processes, optimise investment & project planning and uncover state-of-the-art real-world analytics.

Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA)

EDA is the perfect solution for all asset rich organisations looking to maximise return on capital (CAPEX) and operational (OPEX) investments.

Asset-heavy organisations find themselves in a difficult situation. Infrastructure is deteriorating through age, ever-increasing demand and extreme weather; while regulatory pressure is growing, budgets are limited and customers demand service improvements. It is evident that a new approach is necessary to get the best value out of assets and to prioritise projects effectively.

Our integrated platform provides Asset Investment Planning (AIP), Risk and Project Portfolio Planning, Investment Monitoring and Management, and applications specific to our clients business needs. It enables visibility from corporate objectives, to what is delivered, supported by the latest analytical techniques.

A modular approach grants the flexibility to deliver asset and project-based solutions that can be implemented together or independently.

Asset Investment Planning (AIP)

The industry is moving away from heavy reliance on MS Excel, which has long been the platform used to ascertain which assets require investment. Up until now, it has been common practice to differentiate CAPEX and OPEX expenditure. With the introduction of prescriptive analytics, organisations can reap huge benefits by taking a combined Total Expenditure (TOTEX).

We provide the market-leading analytics solution, specifically designed for optimised decision making. Helping transform client data into actionable long-term investment plans, while ensuring asset investments are aligned with strategic direction. The solution improves budget and operational certainty effectively manages risk and improves our client's service to end-customers.

Business Process Automation

We make your digital life easier, delivering the information you need, when you need it. Combining a modern technology back-end with a user friendly interface. Applications can standalone or seamlessly integrate with existing technologies, they include but are not exclusive to:

  • Document management & Archiving
  • Enterprise search
  • Document generation & processing
  • Digital signing
  • Data collection

Our solutions are not exclusive to one sector or department. They can be implemented by any organisation looking to consolidate information and streamline business processes.

We support deployment methods on our customers infrastructure, in the cloud or as a fully managed service.

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