Engineering is part of our everyday lives whether we are aware of it or not. From tall buildings to the busy airports; from underground tunnels to iconic bridges, engineering accomplishments have helped to improve the quality of life for us all. Our specialist engineers use their knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes for clients through working on some of the world’s most well-known and impressive buildings and structures

Civil Engineering

Communities require high-quality transport and infrastructure in order to function properly. With population booms and cities growing so quickly, it’s essential that the structures we create are built to last.

There is high demand and great need for roads and railways, bridges and tunnels, ports and power plants of the very highest quality. The increasing dependency on large-scale infrastructure means that the design and construction processes must not only meet demand but also foresee future capacity, minimize environmental impact and improve the quality of life for the people for whom it serves.

Utilizing our significant experience delivering some of the world’s most prominent, complex and intricate civil engineering projects both on time and on budget, we and our partners pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with state-of-the-art solutions in engineering and architecture, globally.

Mechanical Engineering

In our increasingly fast-paced and mechanized world, quite simply, nothing can function without mechanical engineering. From metro stations to power plants and road bridges to skyscrapers, mechanical engineering is present everywhere and it is precisely this that makes today’s world work.

At EEIG, we work across a wide range of sectors with experts based all over the world. Our people ensure that everything we create, from the smallest components to the very largest projects, is ecologically friendly, easy to maintain and built to last.

Structural Engineering

Designing the world’s most reliable and highest-performing structures is not an easy task. Our experts always ensure what we deliver meets only the most stringent standards.

High-performing built assets require innovative thinking. Our experts go beyond just overcoming the physical limitations of sites. At EEIG, our people create solutions that support a long-lasting, durable design and construction and create new opportunities for architects and project owners.

On every project we undertake, our people work closely with both in-house architects and directly with clients to respond to a full range of structural needs and ensure each and every building we work on delivers outstanding results.

Tunneling & Underground Infrastructure

What functions under a city is just as important to a city as that which lies above ground. We ensure that every aspect of the subterranean environment is ready for the demands of tomorrow.

Underneath a city’s streets lies a labyrinth of pipelines, drains and tunnels. Ensuring these are fit for purpose by effectively maintaining and replacing points in the system is vital to both protecting public health and ensuring the city can run as efficiently as possible.

EEIG and its partners help our clients to balance the operational, technical, regulatory, and financial issues that often arise to create more efficient and better run water distribution, wastewater collection and stormwater conveyance systems.

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